We build teams of experts while cutting the cost of hiring, on-boarding, and retention.

Growing your business or building a new project requires a talented team of experts. But the glacial pace of traditional hiring and the dreaded employee churn can kill productivity, become a huge financial drain and delay initiatives.

With our end-to-end employee life cycle solution, we solve our partners’ most complex hiring needs and keep their teams motivated.

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What sets us apart

alignment & collaboration

By building collaborative partnerships, we ensure long-term mission alignment between partners and candidates. This helps us adapt our solutions accordingly.

real outcomes

Our unique performance-based milestone system means we are cost-effective and flexible to shift projects in type or size in order to meet new requirements. This means our process is transparent and we always produce tangible outcomes.

private community

Our private community is made up of professionals who are the best in their class, passionate about their work and driven to continue growing. Each of them brings a self-driven and innovative approach to their roles and industries.

living resumes

After joining, new Engage community members receive a "living resume" presenting a holistic view of their fit in an organization. This is a live dashboard containing their career history, references, skills, evaluations, career trajectory, professional development and more.

on-boarding & training

The on-boarding and initial training process is critical to securing top professionals and successfully retaining them. We handle the delicate first steps and provide necessary training to close any skills or talent gaps so that candidates begin with their new employer like company veterans.

continuous learning & retention

Most companies don't extend their retention programs beyond the first month. We make sure that our experts continue to grow and remain engaged with our partners’ work. The cost of retaining unproductive employees, or losing them, is easily countered with the right systems in place.