Create. Learn. Grow.

We’re building a team of smart, innovative and self-driven individuals who want to change the way people live and work. V1 team members come from all different backgrounds and from all around the world.

With countless opportunities for professional and personal growth, we’re always working together to improve ourselves.

Why V1?

We believe that V1 team members will change the future of work. That means making sure that everyone at V1 has the support they need to grow and to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We encourage our team members to learn how to tackle new challenges and document their experiences. This provides other members with the knowledge and resources to effectively navigate similar projects in the future.

We’re helping to unlock individuals' and organizations' maximum potential by finding solutions that enable them to focus on the important tasks. Our proprietary processes and agile methodology make it easy to tackle even the most difficult projects.

We believe in the power of “we”. We’re strongly driven by our company culture, our values and a constant spirit of collaboration.

We value gratitude and have built solutions to make it easy to share a moment of joy or thanks from a team member.

‍V1 has team members from different backgrounds working remotely all across the world. Through company-wide activities, actionable conversations and presence exercises, each member of V1 aligns themselves with the company vision.

Our weekly stand-up and all-hands meetings, internal newsletters and CEO 1:1 calls are some of the other ways we bring our remote team together.

V1 Across the Globe

Our team members come from all different backgrounds and from all around the world. We believe that diversity and inclusion helps innovation and creativity to flourish.

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1. Where are the V1 offices located?

V1 headquarters is based in San Francisco, California, but our team consists entirely of remote workers living all around the world.

2. When was V1 Worldwide founded?

V1 was founded in January 2017 with the goal of improving the efficiency of the people, partners and businesses we work with, enabling them to focus on doing the things they love.

3. Who is the V1 leadership?

V1 Worldwide was founded by Cyrus Radfar, the founding engineer of AddThis, which was acquired by Oracle in 2016.

4. What kind of people would you want to join your team?

We’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to try something new and take ownership of their roles. Bold. Imaginative. Collaborative.

We're growing fast and we hope you'll join us for the ride.

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