The Business Factory

We design and produce new businesses and products that leverage our partner's core assets to grow faster.

It's well-known that the enterprise isn't designed for flexibility. The rigidity, risk-aversion, hierarchy, and process that are required to keep the organization running at scale stifle innovation.

New entrants benefit from the ability to be flexible both mentally and operationally; yet, they lack the scale, relationships, and experience to dive into the existing market.

V1 integrates the best of both worlds to build new businesses that can leverage the assets of our enterprise partners to build, launch, and operate new business lines.

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This is where we come in

We’re a dedicated team of new business veterans and customer focused individuals who understand what's required to build a successful new business. We realize that the best ideas come from a small, diverse, committed team who are given the freedom to find a need and fill it.

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What we do

Our boutique entrepreneurial service requires our select partners to grant us the autonomy required to build a creative culture that values exploration, optimizes for rapid learning and growth.

We partner with enterprise to:

Design new business models

Dive deep into your sector, learn what’s working, discover areas of opportunity in order to design a new business that can bridge yesterday's solution to today's problem elegantly.

Build breakthrough products

We deploy our creative team of business, product, support and sales staff to validate, test, iterate, and launch the new business line.

Co-create shared ventures

We accept investment in new ventures that build long-term shared-value.

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How we do it

Unlike most typical consulting firms, we’re built on a bedrock of shared value. We built V1 from the ground up with the intent to align our incentives with each partner:

We build the right team. Our flexible work model allows us to draw on a variety of different experts from across the landscape of startup success -- we assemble our teams for each business from scratch based on the needs and culture that will best-manage and grow it.


We aim for maximum transparency. Our transparent milestone-based work and budgeting model allows us the flexibility to learn while providing our partners deep insight into our progress.


We structure for the long term. We only take on projects that we believe in enough to manage and operate through profitability and we structure the business models for long-term success based on the needs of each partner.

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