AI: A Cambrian Explosion We Cannot Comprehend

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AI: A Cambrian Explosion We Cannot ComprehendCyrus Radfar
February 27, 2024

A brief discussion about the major upheavals that'll be arriving soon thanks to AI.

This essay started as a LinkedIn rant and has been edited for readability (and sanity).

Calling It A Cambrian Explosion Is An Understatement

The AI-space, today, is like something that I've never seen. Progress moving at a pace which is accelerating towards the exponential.

It's exhausting to follow, even at the periphery.

As a "builder", it requires me to say "no" or "wait" countless times most days. Intuitively, what terrifies me is that we're at the bottom of that progress curve.

And, I feel the market accelerating. I see it in our work as we provide more and more autonomy to small "dumb" AI agents.

Focusing on "how we build product", this transition is changing the core of how things are built, deployed and tested in a way that truly destabilizes my prized intuition.

If you consider yourself a builder and think this is just some new API or some catalyst to your existing process -- you're not recognizing what's happening. There are very few experiences and processes that are safe from this disruption.

Nevertheless, we're introducing a fundamentally new building block to our world.

AI Isn't Just A Smarter Human

AI is a new Entity and it'll "better" then us if we define ourselves by our productivity and ability to create value.

It's not like Us and it would be, tremendously, short-sighted to make that simplification for the sake of claiming to comprehend what's coming.

Given this reality, consider stepping back and understanding which assumptions need to change.

This is a fundamental shift that's bigger than computing and the Internet.Why? Computing and the Internet have, to date, been throttled by Us.

Our ability to decide, create, publish, build consensus, and gather funds. AI Agents, when they're "free" will be exponential in the truest sense that will baffle us all. We don't understand abundance naturally.Abundance is a deeply unnatural idea.We're built around scarcity as is the entire physical world.

I'm seeing a glimpse now with my remedial Agent work and know there are many who are better funded who are far ahead of me.

What Can We Do?

Learn. Consider where you want to be in a world where most are tasked and managed by AI. Make a concerted effort to try to understand how our system is changing and how you'll fit in.

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