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SPINE leverages state-of-the-art cloud technology to keep your insights fresh so you don't have to export, copy & paste, or manually enter updates.

We thoughtfully gather your data in from the tools that power your business in a standardized format, so you can collaborate or share report templates with anyone else in our community.

Focus on what drives your business, rather than rebuilding the wheel creating bespoke reports that track common performance measures like Customer Lifetime Value, Churn, Total Revenue, or Total Spend.

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We match our partners with highly skilled and culturally aligned remote candidates. We do this by gathering and analyzing the specific needs, goals and requirements for each open position.

Our candidates have all undergone our intense vetting process as well as having standard factors such as positions, projects, and references substantiated.

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Partners can easily assess the suitability of promising candidates by assigning skill assessment tests that must be completed before the interview process even begins.

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Our partners have unique and invaluable access to critical training in key topics.

These include skill-based and technical programs as well as areas like leadership and remote work management.

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Our team of diversely skilled coach mentors provide our partners and their employees with exclusive, one-on-one training to solidify skill-sets and overcome obstacles and challenges.

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Twice a year, we conduct a detailed study of organizational health by collecting data through a sampling of organization-wide or team-wide surveys, interviews, and input from senior level employees, creating an engagement roadmap.

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Using the results and analysis of our engagement roadmap, we plot out tangible paths forward, focusing on scalable and profitable growth for your organization. The details of this report, and what it should include, are designed to your organization’s unique needs, desires and end goals.

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