Home Sweet Office

Home Sweet Office
The V1 Edition

Experts predict that remote work will keep increasing in popularity, including Inc. The magazine cites Howard Tarnoff, senior vice president of customer success at human resources software and services company Ceridian, on the subject of a more mobile, flexible workforce. It’s one that will take advantage of the tools available – computers and video-chat services that let them work on the go, he says. “This is a perk that Millennials seek out when advancing to their next employer, and it will be the norm five years from now.”

Telecommuting gives employees more schedule flexibility, and those who argue for it say it leads to happier workers. From a business perspective, some employers like the way it cuts costs. CNN reports that letting a worker telecommute half the time can lead to employer savings of more than $11k a year.

Not everyone is in favor of eschewing the office, however. In May of last year, IBM made headlines when it gave employees the choice of coming back to the office or leaving the company. And Yahoo in 2013 called remote employees back to company desks.

The technology is there to make working from home not only possible but also productive, experts offer. And, they say, it appeals to millennials. Next up: creating the perfect home water cooler.