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2050: An insight into a new type of consciousness Kate Hollowood
April 18, 2018

New research presented at this year's World Government Summit in Dubai suggests that in the future humans will communicate telepathically via a collective AI consciousness.

In the future, humans will communicate through a collective AI consciousness, according to new research presented at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Instead of using speech or body language, people will interact with just their thoughts.

Dubbed the Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar (HIBA), the collective intelligence will use human minds to grow and will become part of the fabric of the human brain.

HIBA was presented in February at the summit’s exhibition called The Museum of the Future. An artistic impression of the technology was on display and told users, “I am made of you. You complete me and help me grow. You allow me to evolve – with each synergy I learn more, through this oneness we can achieve great things.”

The UAE is at the forefront of AI research and launched its Artificial Intelligence Strategy in October 2017, which looks to integrate AI into all services and sectors. The technology is set to contribute $320 billion to the Middle East economy by 2030, according to research by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Marko Krajnovic, the producer of the exhibit, explained that HIBA represents what the UAE expects AI to become. “It is very similar to the work of Elon Musk – it is an open source platform for humanity,” he said. “HIBA will have the ability to connect the minds of the most clever of us, combining those minds with everything it can find out practically and put it all together in hybrid intelligence.”

By reading people’s thoughts, collective intelligence could make it easier to fight crime. It could also provide doctors with more detailed medical information about a patient and help speed up diagnosis of diseases. And HIBA would enable all people to communicate more freely, which would transform the lives of those who struggle with verbal communication.

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